2017 Game Rules Update 

In an effort to ensure the Safety Pays motivational formula is in full compliance with OSHA’s new injury reporting guidelines, effective December 1, 2016, we wish to announce an important change to our rules & regulations.
Currently, the Safety Pays jackpot is reduced whenever there is an injury which is either OSHA Recordable or Lost Time (not First Aid).   OSHA has indicated that safety incentives that are based on injuries might potentially lead to an employee failing to report his or her injury when it occurs.   Although over 25+ years, Safety Pays has never had any report of an unreported injury through program utilization, we are nevertheless changing our Jackpot Rule as follows:
An employee injury by itself no longer reduces the Safety Pays jackpot back to its base level -- normally $25.   Instead, the jackpot will be reduced only when an employee injury that is deemed ‘at fault’ (where there is evidence of a safety rule or policy not being followed that has directly contributed to the injury – by any game participant).  In other words, ‘But for’ said safety infraction, the injury would not have occurred.   Only then is the Safety Pays jackpot reduced.
OSHA has indicated that safety incentives that contribute to the enforcement of a company’s safety regulations remain permissible.  It is therefore important that all Safety Pays customers adjust their Safety Pays program so that this new rules approach is immediately adopted.  
And just a reminder to our long-term Safety Pays users:
In 2012, Safety Pays announced that our previous rules format was changed.   An injured employee is no longer eliminated from continued game play. His/her game status is unaffected strictly due to  being injured.   Only in those cases where an employee has committed a safety infraction contributing to his or her injury, will they be subject to game elimination.  


Please see the attached PDF copies of our 2017 updated rules in English and Spanish.


- 2017 Updated English Rules & Regulations

- 2017 Updated Spanish Rules & Regulations