Safety Pays

Reduces Losses An Average of 50%


Fully OSHA Compliant



To learn more about how the Safety Pays program is both OSHA compliant as well as so effective, this website offers a variety of brief videos explaining this time-tested approach.

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25+ years later, Safety Pays has been used by nearly 10,000 companies across the US.

Learn about the many ways Safety Pays has helped them!

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Yes! We sell BINGO CARDS!

Safety Pays offers not only replacement  materials for its various game components but the ability to order the entire Program on-line!

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The USA’s #1 Safety Incentive Program!

Safety Pays is a time-tested safety game which brings powerful group and individual incentives to your workforce.

Our motivational approach works because it targets employee self-interest while creating a positive, fun atmosphere uniting workers toward a common goal: an Accident-Free workplace!

The Safety Pays Difference

What Makes Safety Pays Unique?

Here’s why Safety Pays is the most valuable safety incentive program you’ll ever buy:

  • Safety Pays meets all of OSHA’s new injury reporting rules
  • Safety Pays averages a 50% reduction in losses in its first year of use
  • Safety Pays provides unlimited customer service including free upgrades and program expansion to address other employee concerns.

A Proven Safety Incentive System

Over 25 years of helping nearly 10,000 businesses reduce, if not eliminate on-the-job losses.

Safety Pays is a low-cost safety incentive program designed to eliminate safety infractions and the accidents that result therefrom in virtually any commercial or industrial environment. Each program system is custom-assembled to your company’s specific loss control needs.