Safety Pays Bingo: Fun, Entertaining and Rewarding - The Ultimate Safety Game


Adults Work; Children Play Games... Right? Wrong!

For many, the idea of "work" simply leaves no room for enjoying oneself. There's a job to do and we're expected to get it done. That's always been the credo of many American workplaces.

However, any environment which is "all work and no play" has entirely missed the point that a happy worker is a more cooperative employee. Without that cooperation, any business is going to inevitably fail at reducing, if not eliminating, on-the-job accidents and injuries. That's why the introduction of a fun, dynamic means of garnering workforce collaboration in accident prevention is so important.

However, when it comes to the utilization of an effective safety incentive program, the term "Safety Game" is not about playing games at all! Instead, it's about finding the closest distance between two points when it comes to garnering an employee's attention -- and with it, elevating that person's level of safety awareness to the highest extent possible.

A short biographical story might help shed more light on how a well-designed safety game can have a phenomenal impact on workers, not just individually, but in creating a sense of teamwork and positive morale.

Back in the late 70's, the designer of Safety Pays was a successful television writer. One of the secrets he'd learned was to always leave the audience in suspense before going to the commercial breaks. "Why?", he asked the first time he was advised of this screenwriter maxim. "Because television programming exists for one simple reason: To keep the audiences' attention between commercials!"

Thus, the bingo "game" component of Safety Pays is specifically designed so although the employees feel as though they're playing a game together, they're actually being provided any number of avenues to increase their safety awareness, improve communication, and most importantly, to help each other work more safely each and every day.

When all is said and done, the time-tested Safety Pays game formula makes a dry and mundane subject such as safety, something which is both fun and worthwhile to a company's workforce.

Moreover, with Safety Pays ability to contour itself to a given company's needs, it provides a new methodology to not only motivate workers to make a greater effort to work safely but also improve attendance, housekeeping – any number of collateral concerns you might have relating to employee performance or behavior.

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