Not Just Safety Bingo, But A Complete Safety Program

23 Safety Pays is NOT just safety bingo. Yes, it has its roots in safety bingo, but the two are as different from one another as a Ferrari is from a Model-T. The term "safety bingo" is a simple workplace incentive concept that's been around since the 1950's, promoted primarily by bingo card manufacturers to help sell their products. And, within the last decade, dozens of safety bingo games appeared, many based on the success of Safety Pays.

Along with scratch-off cards and prize catalogs, safety bingo was one of the commonly used "old-school" approaches to reducing on-the-job injuries. The problem has always been that the emphasis was always more on "playing a game" rather than more important goal of raising safety awareness. Results were generally disappointing, and almost inevitably such a simplistic approach quickly burned itself out.

Rather than relying on a simple workplace game, layer upon layer of loss control and claims management initiatives were constructed into what became an entertaining interactive experience - Safety Pays - thus assuring both an effective motivational response (90% reduction in claims the first full year) while simultaneously ensuring long-term employee participation and commitment.

Over 20 years later, Safety Pays is today a nationwide business-to-business company having served nearly 10,000 client companies. Yes, a "bingo" game formula remains at the heart of what we do. However our winning formula includes 30 different incentive strategies tailored to the specific business with which we're working.

Plus, when all is said and done, we offer this one guarantee: We will meet or beat any competitors safety bingo program pricing!

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