Why Choose Safety Pays?


Our claim-to-fame is that with nearly 10,000 client customers, the Safety Pays program averages a 50% reduction in losses during the first year of program use – and that’s since 1991!

Each Safety Pays Incentive Program provides:

  • A fully "turn-key" system assuring minimal administration and maximum motivational effectiveness. There is no such thing as a Safety Pays game sitting in our warehouse. Every program is custom-assembled to the specific needs of a given company
  • A time-tested safety incentive game formula which has been successfully utilized in virtually every industrial and/or business environment
  • Easy Implementation & Administration: Safety Pays provides multiple levels of program implementation assistance including on-line Orientation videos, individual employee Rules & Regulation hand-outs, Administrative Guidelines with plenty of tips & suggestions, and a Program Checklist for quick and easy reference.  Still have a problem?  Call our toll-free customer help-line any time for immediate assistance!
  • Ability to Fully Customize: Safety Pays can address more than just safety enforcement, it can provide an incentive vehicle for virtually any employee issues that need to be addressed including attendance, housekeeping, error-reduction, productivity, Q/A, etc.
  • Bi-Lingual Option: All of the employee components are also available in Spanish in the same quantities as provided in English with every game.
  • Free Program Upgrades: Safety Pays understands that employee motivation requires a constant supply of new incentive ideas.   We therefore provide a full menu of program upgrade options to ensure long-term success. This includes upgrade tools to promote employee interest and keep the program fresh and fun to play.
  • Unlimited Customer Service: Safety Pays is not just a product but also a service. In subsequent months after implementation, our customer service department remains available to assist with any needed fine-tuning in order to get the most out of your safety incentive program design. But we go far beyond that…

So long as you utilize Safety Pays, we remain available to help you add new safety incentives whether it’s a new set of goals you wish to focus on, adding other employee performance enhancements or simply want to freshen up the existing Safety Pays game.  We’re here to serve YOU!

BEST OF ALL: Safety Pays will “Meet Or Beat” any similar competitor program pricing!

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